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Kyle and Gwen Hull purchased Cooper’s Bar-B-Q in 2023. Kyle and Gwen intend to continue the traditions and keep making amazing-tasting BBQ!

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George Cooper opened the original Cooper’s Hot Pit Bar-B-Q in 1953 in a small tin building on the south side of Mason, Texas.

His recipe for barbeque became famous from years of practice and a gift for knowing how to make a brisket tender, juicy and tasty by cooking over hot mesquite wood coals.

This method of cooking became a favorite of locals, hunters, and travelers who often went out of their way to stop by Cooper’s Bar-B-Q.

George and Viletha’s sons – Tommy, Roy, and Gary – cut, hauled, and split the mesquite wood on weekends and during the summer months.

Some mornings before attending school and on weekends they built the early morning fires for the pits, prepped and seasoned the meats, and started the cooking.

During lunch break when they were in high school, they helped serve brisket, sausage, and cabrito on pink butcher paper to customers, who helped themselves to the onions, jalapenos, and loaves of white bread placed on the tables.

Second son, Roy and his wife Sheila, along with partners Buz and Kristi Hull, opened Cooper’s Bar-B-Q in Junction, Texas in 1999. Buz, a general contractor, designed and constructed the building.

The Cooper and Hull families appreciate your patronage and thank you for the privilege of serving you as they continue the tradition of preparing and serving true Texas-style barbeque using George Cooper’s original recipes.

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